Thomas Seiller - Projects

Current Projects

LoBE (P.I.) - 2019

LoBE stands for "Lower Bounds and Entropy". This is a one-year "emerging" PEPS project (exploratory projects) funded by CNRS's computer science institute INS2I whose aim is to apply the entropy-theoretic techniques introduced in my recent paper with Luc Pellissier to different models of computation.

CoGITARe (Member) - 2019-2022

I am part of the ANR JCJC project CoGITARe (Combining Graded and Intersection Types for the Analyses of Resources), lead by Flavien Breuvart. If you want to know more about this project, there is a dedicated Website.

Passed Projects

2018, BIGRe (P.I.) -- "Bornes Inférieures Géométriques par Réalisabilité", aka "Geometric Lower Bounds through Realisability". One-year young investigator project funded by CNRS's computer science institute INS2I
2015-2017, ReACT (P.I.) -- a Realisability Approach to Complexity Theory, H2020-MSCA-IF-2014, 2015--2018, webpage
2010-2011, "Vérité et Preuves" (P.I.), national network of PhD students. webpage (in french)