The Lo Working Group page

Here is the planning for upcoming sessions of the Lo (the "logic" in "LoVe") working group. There is a public calendar (chances are it will be more up-to-date than this webpage) accessible here: GdT-Lo Calendar.

Future Meetings

May 14th 2018
The Immerman-Szelepcsenyi Theorem (Damiano)
May 15th 2018
Categorical Logic I (Damiano)
May 25th 2018
Categorical Logic II (Damiano)
May 25th 2018
LoVe Seminar (F. Steinberg)
May 28th-30th 2018
Working Group and Workshop GdRI-LL
June 8th 2018
LoVe Seminar (P. Pistone)
June 8th 2018
Barriers in Complexity (Thomas)
June 11th 2018
Simply Typed Lambda-Calculus and Complexity (Tito)
June 15th 2018
Parity vs. AC_0 (Damiano)
June 15th 2018
Graphings in Logic and complexity (Thomas)
June 22nd 2018
LoVe Seminar (A. Yoshimizu)
June 22nd 2018
Categorical Logic III (Damiano)
June 25th 2018
Lower Bounds and Entropy (Thomas)
June 26th 2018
SL equals L (?)

Past Meetings

April 23rd 2018
Algebraic Complexity II (Paulin)
February 13th 2018
Algebraic Complexity I (Paulin)